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Technology came to the rescue for a North Dakota man who found himself with a damaged smile due to an accident, the Grand Forks Herald reported.

Cameron Kiser was having a bad day when he fell face first on the pavement. Not only did it hurt — a lot — he also broke his two front teeth. Kiser, who was from Fargo, North Dakota, was visiting friends in Grand Forks at the time.

He made an emergency appointment to visit his Fargo dentist the next day. His dentist was able to provide a temporary fix that sealed off the nerve endings where the teeth had broken off, which helped take care of some of the pain he was suffering.

But of course, it did not improve the appearance of his teeth. And the problem was, since the accident happened right before Thanksgiving, dental labs were closed, and the dentist would not be able to get what he needed to repair the teeth.

The dentist, Austin Vetter, started thinking outside the box to come up with a solution and came up with an idea: could 3D printing be the answer?

He posted a Facebook message on the page of the Fargo 3D Printing Meetup group looking for someone who could print a 3D model to help him reconstruct the teeth. He had an electronic scan of the inside of Kiser’s mouth.

Marcus Moldaschel, a member of the group and strangely enough a good friend of Kiser’s, saw the notice and said he could help.

Moldaschel is a mechanical engineering student at North Dakota State University and works at Fargo 3D Printing Repair. Vetter sent him the scan of Kiser’s upper teeth to Moldaschel, who loaded it into his 3D printer.

Moldaschel was able to print a plastic model of Vetter’s upper teeth that Vetter used to make a mold and repair the teeth.