Bonding and Fillings

Bonding and Fillings
Bonding and Fillings

Bonding and Fillings

Your teeth deserve to be functional and beautiful all at once. Dr. Lingo utilizes tooth-colored materials to help rebuild and reshape smiles, one tooth at a time. These treatments can be used alone, in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry services, or to make over your entire smile.

Dental Bonding Repairs Broken or Chipped TeethFillings
Bonding is used to rebuild edges or areas of the teeth that are worn, chipped, or eroded. The process is very simple and normally can be completed in just one visit after being established as a patient. Much like a tooth-colored filling, bonding uses composite material that directly adheres to the tooth and blends in with the surrounding tooth structure.

Composite Resin Fillings Offer a Less-Invasive Alternative
If you have a new cavity or simply want to replace all of your metal, mercury dental fillings, composite restorations are a great option. Dr. Lingo uses only composite resin in our office, which not only looks great; it is better for your teeth. Less tooth preparation is needed, which keeps fillings smaller and more tooth structure intact. We use a careful color-matching process so that the finished product looks as if nothing has been put in your teeth at all!

We are environmentally conscious. When replacing old mercury fillings (silver) with new composite fillings (white), our special amalgam separator collects the mercury for proper, environmentally safe disposal.

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