Dental Students Use Virtual Reality To Study Teeth

Dental Students Use Virtual Reality To Study Teeth
Dental Students Use Virtual Reality To Study Teeth

It’s important that Evansville dental offices like the office of Dr. Max Lingo keep up with the latest technology in the field to give patients the best care possible.

Students at the school of dentistry at the University of California — San Francisco are getting a new way to learn about providing the best dental care for their future patients: an up-close view that takes them “inside the mouth” as they study the mouth and teeth using virtual reality.

The technology helps students visualize every part of teeth and their spatial relationships so they can better understand how to treat a patient, according to the University of California newsletter.

“What is really cool about this new technology in our curriculum is that we can have a tooth right in front of us and see it in ways that can’t ever be conveyed through traditional two-dimensional images,” said Jerry Liu, a second-year student at UC San Francisco’s School of Dentistry.

Students will use their own smartphones and cardboard viewers to see the same image at the same time while instructors will run the main software.

Kevin Montgomery, PhD, the CEO of eHuman Inc., the company that developed the Tooth Atlas learning tools UCSF is using, said, “This is cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology applied in dentistry to make a big clinical impact. It allows us to see tooth anatomy like no human ever has been able to do before.”

The Tooth Atlas program offers students a chance to look at 550 models of teeth that dentists have collected from their own patients to see normal and unusual cases it might take them years to encounter in regular practice.

The virtual-reality program helps students rotate an image of a tooth so they can see every surface. They can also virtually peel away the layers of a tooth so they can see the underlying structure.

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