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the_super_toothbrushHere is something that is sure to help both parents and kids in the teeth brushing battle. A San Diego, California dentist is giving parents a new tool to win the battle over brushing teeth. Dr. Kami Hoss, that San Diego dentist created an augmented-reality toothbrush to help kids brush better and spend more time doing so.

Hoss recently released a singing toothbrush that pairs with augmented reality technology.

“We gotta come up with brushes that are really fun and educate in a fun way,” says Dr. Hoss.

The brush plays a song for two minutes. This is the amount of time dentists recommend for brushing teeth. While the song plays, kids can use an app to watch augmented reality characters come to life on their phones.

The toothbrush characters “pop out” of a sticker placed on the bathroom mirror and it teaches kids how to brush properly. Hoss says this is the first toothbrush to use AR.

The Super Toothbrush features The Super Dentists’ superhero and villain characters that kids know and trust, including Dr.HaveOneSuperSmile, The Tooth Keri, Cavitar and Molar. They also come with:

  • Integrated Augmented Reality – The Super Toothbrush includes a magic sticker for the bathroom mirror. When paired with the VIVARRA Dental App, The Tooth Keri pops out of the sticker and comes to life to teach (or remind) kids how to brush and floss their teeth.
  • Two-minute tooth-brushing song– studies show that children brush their teeth 73% longer while listening to music. One of the biggest problems with kids’ dental care is they don’t spend enough time brushing. The two-minute The Super Dentists sing-along song is the perfect background music so kids know how long they should be brushing.
  • Premium Tynex DuPont bristles– soft for comfort, yet durable and long-lasting.
  • Long battery life– The battery, which is included, lasts three months; the recommended duration the American Dental Association suggests for replacing toothbrushes.

“It’s Pixar quality,” says Dr. Hoss of the animation. “We spent years developing this to make sure it’s beautiful.”

Dr. Kami Hoss introduced The Super Toothbrush, created by The Super Dentists. The singing toothbrush features an Augmented Reality (AR) component to make tooth brushing interactive for kids.

Research shows that kids brush their teeth 73% longer when brushing to music. They also only brush for half of the recommended amount of time without music. The Super Toothbrush plays a two-minute tooth brushing song, so kids are both entertained and know exactly how long they should brush.

Here are stats from Delta Dental Children’s Health Survey 2011

  • 35% of children brush their teeth less than twice a day
  • 45% brush their teeth for less than a minute
  • 48% never floss at all

“Parents have been asking us for toothbrush recommendations for years,” said Dr. Hoss, co-founder of The Super Dentists. “We developed this toothbrush with the latest in augmented reality technology, to make brushing fun for kids. Getting them to develop good oral healthcare habits while they’re young is part of an overall whole-person healthcare plan that will benefit them for the rest of their life.”

The toothbrush also helps people know when it’s time to buy a new one. If someone uses it to brush twice a day, the battery will die after three months. That’s how often dentists say you should replace a brush.

Hoss sells the toothbrushes in his office and on Amazon.com.