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Dentures and Partials

Replacing all or several teeth at one time can easily be done with our  premium dentures and partial dentures. Both prostheses are removable appliances that are customized to fit your smile and stay securely in place all day long. The material used is one that uses colored acrylic that matches your natural gum tissue and tooth colored material that allows the prosthetic teeth to have a natural appearance.

Premium Full Mouth Dentures

Our full mouth dentures are made of natural colored materials that restore your self-confidence as well as function long-term. Patients have the option of having their dentures anchored in place permanently with dental implants, providing them with more stability and security.

We provide 2 types of dentures:

ConventionalConventional dentures are placed after any necessary teeth have been removed and the tissue inside your mouth has healed. ImmediateImmediate dentures are placed in your mouth immediately after any necessary extractions. They are more convenient for some people, but will require a relining after tissues have completely healed.

Partial Dentures

Less time is needed to make a partial denture, since fewer teeth are  involved. Partials are an alternative to fixed bridges or implants when it comes toreplacing several teeth at once. Partials are a viable option when there are healthy teeth that can be used to anchor the prosthesis. The final prosthesis can be made of acrylic or have a metal base, which clasp around the anchor teeth.

Benefits of Dentures

Denture specialists create customized prosthesis to rebuild your smile from start to finish. With dentures, you can replace all of your teeth at once. Fewer appointments are necessary than with other types of smile rehabilitation. In fact, most dentures can be made and delivered between just two visits to our Evansville dental office.

Choosing dentures is an economical, efficient and easy way to enjoy an entirely new smile. Dentures give you a new set of teeth all at one time!

Who Needs Dentures?

Dentures are best for people who have lost all of their teeth, or need to have their remaining teeth extracted. Some of the reasons our patients elect to have dentures made include a history of concerns such as:

  • Cancer Treatment, including Radiation Therapy
  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease
  • Few Remaining Natural Teeth
  • Extensive Tooth Wear and Decay
  • Aesthetics and Confidence

Denture Dentists in Evansville

Dr. Lingo has helped thousands of people enjoy comfortable, well-fitting dentures throughout his career. Our Evansville denture patients know that we provide only the best, most attentive denture services in our facility. Dr. Lingo works closely with our denture lab to create one-of-a-kind prosthetics that look and feel great all day long.

Fast Denture Repairs

Is your denture broken or loose? Do you need a denture repaired quickly? Call Dr. Lingo! We can help repair your old denture, reline it for a better fit – or fix you up with a new denture in no time.

You rely on your dentures day after day. You deserve a denture expert who can help you feel comfortable and confident in every social setting. Call Dr. Lingo today to schedule your consultation right away.