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You would be surprised to learn how many people, and not just children, have what is called ‘dentophobia’. Also known as fear of the dentist. If given the choice between watching TV, playing tennis or visiting the dentist, all would likely avoid the dental choice., but the reality is, it’s a vital element to good health and overall wellbeing.

As a matter of fact, oral health could be said to be making its way back, with a recent study linking oral health heavily to gut health and microbiota. This all makes good sense, considering the digestive process.

So, the question is, if we’re into gut health and wellness in general, why do we not prioritize our oral health?

One word – Dentophobia!!

Also known as a ‘fear of dentists. Research finds at least 16.1% of Australians experience serious ‘dentophobia,’ even rating it a ‘high fear.’ And of those surveyed, women admit to dreading the dentist more so than men.

We will detail how to overcome ‘dentophobia’ and learn to love your teeth, and dentist for that matter.


What are the Most Common Fears in Going to the Dentist

  • Fear of Being Judged 
    Those avoiding the dentist because of their phobia enter a catch-22. The longer you take to go to the dentist, the more likely significant dental disease is to develop and the more pain and anxiety is associated with your dental health.
  • Bad Past Experiences
    Those patients who have had bad experiences in the past and no longer feel comfortable with dentists tend to be common. but you have to find one who will work for you. It’s so important to have a positive relationship with your dentist because regular contact in an open and trusting relationship allows for easy early detection of problems and facilitates a preventative approach to dental care.
  • The Pain
    Pain is a very common reason why people don’t go to the dentist. However, the days of uncomfortable, traumatic visits to the dentist are now obsolete thanks to significant advancements in the effectiveness of dental products and techniques.


When Searching for a Dentist, What are the Key Criteria

  • Informed Consent
  • Your dentist should always advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of any procedure undertaken. This as well as price and risk. This ensures there are no misunderstandings in the doctor-patient relationship and the relationship can be maintained honestly and transparently on both sides.
  • Firm But Fair
  • The dentist’s job is to educate and motivate the patient to maintain their dental health. Sometimes, it involves dishing out some harsh truths for your betterment. If you feel uncomfortable with the way your dentist is talking to you, let them know or change dentists.
  • Find a Dentist Who is Active on Social Media
    If you’re anxious, start by putting a face to your fears! Many dentists are now creating content around oral health and dentistry online. Get to know a dentist near you by following their social media feeds and you’ll be able to get a good idea if you’re comfortable with them before you even walk into the office.