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Happy New Year from the Evansville dentist’s office of Dr. Max Lingo!

Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions is volunteering more. If you’re interested in working with a service organization that provides assistance to impoverished people across the country, there are all kinds of groups that cater to whatever skills or interests you may have.

For example, there are volunteer abroad projects that provide dental care, and according to Volunteer Forever, they don’t just accept dentists and dental hygienists in their programs; they need other volunteers as well.

Sometimes all that volunteers need is time and a passion for helping others (as well as any fees associated with the program). Dental clinics need help in many support roles that can be filled by unskilled volunteers or volunteers from another occupation.

Volunteer Forever points out that the welfare of the patient is always most important, not the volunteer’s experience, and decision-making should always be left to the actual professionals.

Potential costs for a volunteering abroad trip include:

  1. Program Fee
  2. Airfare
  3. Travel insurance
  4. Miscellaneous in-country expenses

Many medical mission trip participants participate in fundraising activities or apply for scholarships or grants to help with their expenses.

There are many types of trips that also involve volunteering, and not just for medical professionals. There are short-term and long-term opportunities for people of all ages, including couples, singles, retirees and students taking a gap year between high school and college, people looking for corporate leadership and team-building opportunities, and people interested in faith-based or secular volunteer opportunities.

There are many reputable companies that facilitate such trips. You can find one by searching on the internet or by talking with people you know who might have been on a volunteer vacation or someone involved with an institution of higher learning or place of worship.

Everyone around the world deserves proper dental care to live their best life, and volunteer organizations can help them reach that goal.