Your Evansville dentist cares about your oral health

Your Evansville dentist cares about your oral health
Your Evansville dentist cares about your oral health

Your Evansville dentist Dr. Max Lingo wants to make sure your oral health is at its best. But unfortunately, people in the United Kingdom are not as concerned about dental health as their counterparts in the United States.

British dentists called oral health in the United Kingdom a “national health disaster” in a recent letter to The Daily Telegraph. In the letter, they said that if the people of the UK continued to take poor care of their teeth, the country’s oral health was on its way to becoming “an international disgrace,” Newsweek reported.

The dentists point to unreasonable regulation by Britain’s National Health service as causing part of the problem.

The National Health Service (NHS), which provides health care for everyone in the country funded by national taxes, is unable to keep up with demand, the letter said.

The NHS has even called for help from Dentaid, a charity that normally provides dental care in developing countries. Dentaid served  low-income families, homeless people and migrants from clinics set up in the United Kingdom to help meet demand.

Twice as many British children were treated in the hospital for dental problems as were treated for broken arms last year. A study showed that about 80 percent of children in the United Kingdom between one and two years old had not seen an NHS dentist in the past year.

Good oral care such as brushing and flossing helps keep bacteria that grow in the mouth from reaching levels that can lead to infections, tooth decay and gum disease, the Mayo Clinic reported.

Research has shown oral bacteria also can play a role in diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, and can contribute to low birth weight and premature birth, among other complications.

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