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ultratoothIn very interesting dental news, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by the age of seventeen, 7% of people in the United States will have lost at least one permanent tooth. Among adults from 35 to 44-years-old, a whopping 69% have lost at least one permanent tooth. But there is a new dental breakthrough that the FDA cleared allowing for immediate normal use. Introducing “UltraTooth”.

The UltraTooth (also known as the Sargon Implant) is placed in the tooth socket and expands to contact the bone immediately, proving an immediate anchor. This implant might very well be a serious game-changer. We at Dr. Max Lingo think so.

The UltraTooth is the only device cleared by the FDA for fully functional immediate tooth replacement. It is now celebrating the positive outcome of ongoing studies and a successful 25-year clinical track record.

Wouldn’t it be great to offer patients a single-tooth replacement option in full function at the time of their very first visit to the office? Yes, in a brief one-hour visit, the patient will leave the dental office with a fully integrated tooth that they can use right away. Yes, this is possible! It is now with UltraTooth!

Take a look at some of the benefits of UltraTooth:

  • The only full functional immediate tooth replacement system cleared by the FDA.
  • Preserves the original emergence profile of the tooth, which is essential in the esthetic zone.
  • With the Eiffel Tower design of the UltraTooth, the coronal bone loss seen in screw & cylindrical implants, does not occur. This maintains the original emergence profile over time.
  • Bone density and quality improves due to the compacting of the surrounding bone when expansion occurs.
  • The surface area of an UltraTooth is 30% more than a typical equal size screw implant.


Who Makes the UltraTooth

The company producing the UltraTooth is Bio-Dent. Biodent Inc. as a provider of highest industry standards of quality control and is FDA Registered, EC and ISO Certified.

We here at Dr. Max Lingo’s office love this invention and hope to integrate it as soon as possible. That being said, if you feel that you need your oral health looked at or worked on please contact Dr. Max L Lingo, Evansville, Indiana dentist. Let them explain your options. If you feel that you need a dental implant or any other service, contact our office now if you need bonding & filling, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dentures & partials, extractions, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, plaque removal and more.