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Mini Implant

Mini dental implants are a smaller alternative to traditional dental implants. The difference between traditional implants and mini implants is that mini implants can be completed in one day, with little discomfort! Most mini implants are used to stabilize dentures or replace individual teeth. They can be placed in just one appointment right here in our office.

Some of the benefits our patients enjoy with mini implants are:

  • Little to no recovery time
  • Immediate restoration placement
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Denture stability

Who is the Ideal Mini Implant Candidate?

The perfect mini implant patient will have a moderate amount of bone and have a generally healthy mouth. Mini implants are perfect for securing dentures in place, or to replace smaller missing teeth that do not bear as much weight as others. The entire treatment takes about one hour to complete, and local anesthesia is all that is needed!

Cost of Mini Dental Implant

Mini implant costs make them an affordable and economical option for replacing your missing teeth. In fact, the cost of mini implants allows them to fit into just about any budget! Whether you want to replace one tooth in a day or stabilize your dentures, mini dental implant prices make them fast and convenient for bettering your oral health.

Chances are that your insurance may pay for mini implants. If it doesn’t, the total cost of care is less than other types of tooth replacement. You may even want to finance your mini dental implants to help them fit into your budget.

Same Day Mini Dental Implants

Same day dental implant treatment is a breeze, thanks to mini implants! Mini implants can be completed in a single day – that’s right – just one implant appointment. Get new teeth in a day with little discomfort and next to no recovery time.

Mini Implants for Denture Stability

Are you looking for a way to secure your dentures? Then mini implant dentures may be exactly what you’re looking for. Mini implants for dentures eliminate the need for adhesives or denture pastes. Dr. Lingo, our implant specialist, can use mini implants to secure your dentures so that your denture feels comfortable and steady all day long.