Our Services

Our Services

Dr. Max Lingo provides comprehensive cosmetic dental care to patients of all ages. His years of expertise and access to state-of-the-art technological methods allow us to provide multiple in-house dental treatments for our patients.

Some of the services that we offer include:


Sedation Dentistry

Sit back and relax! Our sleep and sedation dentistry options allow patients to put their mind at ease and enjoy a comfortable dental procedure. Our oral and inhalation sedation is perfect for just about anyone!

Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and Teeth Grinding Treatment

Our mouths affect a lot of other things, like the way we breathe at night and even whether or not we have headaches the next day. We offer custom-fitted appliances that prevent serious problems like sleep apnea, snoring, and bruxism.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you dreaming of a beautiful smile? Our porcelain veneers and teeth whitening can give you the smile that you’ve always wanted. You can expect dramatic improvement in everything from the color of your teeth to the way your whole smile looks.

Dental Implants

There’s never been a better way to replace missing teeth than with dental implants. Dr. Lingo provides in-house mini-implant treatment, implant restorations, and even implant-anchored full mouth dentures.

Extractions (Oral Surgery)

Suffering from a toothache? Have wisdom teeth that need to be removed? Don’t worry. Dr. Lingo provides comfortable dental extraction services to help alleviate your pain and keep your mouth free of infection.

Endodontic Therapy

Root canal treatments are one of the last lines of defense for badly decayed or infected teeth. Without a root canal, infections become worse and teeth eventually become untreatable. Many dentists refer their patients somewhere else for their endodontic treatment, but Dr. Lingo provides it here at our own office!

Dentures and Partials

Multiple-tooth replacement options are easy with removable dentures and partials. We offer traditional dentures as well as full-acrylic treatments that provide maximum aesthetics.

Bridges and Crowns

Porcelain bridges and crowns help repair and replace teeth, while still preserving function and aesthetics. Dr. Lingo carefully matches each restoration so that it blends in with your smile as closely as possible.

Composite Bonding and Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings and bonding is a great way to correct small fractures or cavities. Composite restorations require less tooth preparation and preserve the maximum amount of tooth possible.

Preventive Dentistry

Professional cleanings, oral cancer screenings, oral hygiene instruction, laser decay detection and digital X-rays keep our patients’ smiles healthier and keep them from needing costly dental treatment later on.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease can cause you to lose teeth. Our in-house perio therapy treatments help stop gum disease and repair areas of infection that jeopardize the health of your mouth.

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