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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive DentistryPreventive dental care helps keep your smile healthy for years. Dr. Lingo wants his patients to be able to avoid common oral complications that cause discomfort or result in expensive treatments later on. That’s why we have a preventive care team devoted to helping patients make the most of their smiles and keep their teeth healthy from the start!

Comprehensive Exams

Establishing a baseline of your oral health enables Dr. Lingo to identify risks and problems before they become serious issues later on. Every examination screens for conditions like weak or decayed teeth, bone levels, gum health, and much more.

Preventive Cleanings and Oral Hygiene Instruction

Professional cleanings remove calcified bacteria from areas that are missed by brushing or flossing. This buildup would otherwise cause bone loss and gum disease. For most healthy adults and children, we recommend a preventive cleaning every 6 months. Our team will also work with you to identify ways to improve your current method of plaque control.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a deadly disease that can be hard to identify in the earliest stages. Most people do not realize that they have oral cancer until it has spread to a large area. Nor do people realize that you do not necessarily have to be a smoker or drink alcohol to develop oral cancer. Sun exposure and some viruses are also known to cause the condition. Dr. Lingo performs a thorough cancer screening on every patient to identify irregular tissues when treatment is easier and more effective.

Digital Radiographs

We utilize digital X-rays, which reduces radiation as well as enhances the way Dr. Lingo is able to communicate with his patients. All images are instantly visible on our in-room monitor, making it easier for us to discuss findings or concerns related to specific teeth.

Intra-oral Imaging

Our intra-oral cameras allow us to capture images of areas of concern or problem teeth. These images are then displayed on a monitor in the treatment room for you to discuss with Dr. Lingo. We believe our intra-oral imaging is one of the best ways to communicate specific needs with our patients, especially when symptoms are not present.

Laser Cavity Detection

When tooth decay is identified in its earliest forms, it can be addressed with non-invasive techniques like fluoride and sealants. Or if the tooth is only mildly cavitated, a small restoration can be placed before more tooth structure becomes involved. Our laser decay detection allows us to do just that…identify tooth decay before X-rays or clinical exams can.