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Cosmetic dentistry can fix many tooth problems caused by an accident, injury, decay or other damage.

But a Melbourne, Australia woman who suffered from jaw cancer needed even more help to restore her face to normal.

The 31-year-old woman had a life-threatening cancer that doctors had to remove. Although the surgery was able to remove the cancerous growth, it also mean it was necessary to remove more than 80 percent of her upper jaw.

Because of the disfigurement, the woman told TVNZ News Now, she felt self-conscious and uncomfortable because she felt that everyone was staring at her.

Doctors had told her that there was nothing they could do for her to reconstruct her face and make it look more normal.

But after doing her own research, the woman met Melbourne based maxillofacial surgeon who proposed a solution. He would create a customized 3D-printed jaw for her with fa titanium frame that could carry bone grafts.

This meant that in addition to having a reconstructed jaw, she could also get teeth implants to replace the teeth that had to be removed to complete the surgery.

The reconstruction surgery also taking skin from her arm to re-form her  her upper lip.

The surgery cost $30,000 in Australian dollars — or more than $21,000 in United States dollars — in medical bills and took five hours.

The woman said she was looking forward to being able to eat a hamburger again.

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