This Patient Has Teeth The Size Of A Deck Of Cards

This Patient Has Teeth The Size Of A Deck Of Cards
This Patient Has Teeth The Size Of A Deck Of Cards

Sometimes during the process of caring for teeth, it’s necessary to remove a tooth that has been damaged or that is obstructing the growth and health of other teeth.

Whether the tooth removal is necessary for oral health or is a cosmetic dentistry procedure, the Evansville office of Dr. Max Lingo can guide you through the best procedures to meet your needs.

But recently, a patient needed a tooth removal on a much bigger scale — because the patient herself is much bigger.

She weighs more than 4,000 pounds.

After all, she is a white rhino.

Zookeepers at Utah’s Hogle Zoo noticed that Princess the rhinoceros was drooling and dropping hay when she was eating, so they decided to take a look inside the giant mammal’s mouth, The New York Times reported.

They found that Princess had three loose molars. One of the molars was as big as a deck of cards, per KUTV.

The zookeepers determined that the molars would have to be removed.

In a first-of-its-kind dental procedure, a team of 20 people worked on 39-year-old rhino’s mouth to remove the teeth on Sept. 18. Zoo officials announced the results on the surgery on Nov. 16.

Dr. Michael Lowder, a rhino expert from the University of Georgia, and Dr. Ellen Wiedner, a specialist with extensive large mammal anesthesia experience from Colorado, helped the zoo with the procedure.

The staff at Hogle zoo trained Princess to prepare her for the injections she would need for anesthesia, per the Times, which made the job of giving her the shots very easy, her veterinarians said.

Using tools specifically designed for rhinos, the doctors were able to remove the teeth in about three hours.

Princess recovered quicklyand was back to normal within a week of the tooth removal. Now zookeepers are her to accept a hose in her mouth to rinse her teeth.

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