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circus-peanutsHalloween is a great time to dress up and celebrate. The main reason we seem to dress up is to go around and “trick or treat” for candy door to door. Kids and adults are always hoping for the best candy that can be dropped in their bags. However, as we all know, candy contains a lot of sugar and is really unhealthy for teeth. But, there a few Halloween classic candies that stand out as truly bad for one’s teeth.

1 – Circus Peanuts

Funny that they are called “Circus Peanuts” and they contain no actual nuts. That being said, Circus Peanuts are a marshmallow candy that is made almost entirely of sugar. It comes as a bright orange shaped peanut shape, and is textured like a marshmallow. Circus Peanuts are very sticky, and that’s terrible news for teeth. Sticky candy is difficult to remove from teeth, and gives bad bacteria more time to eat away tooth enamel and cause cavities.

2 – Atomic Fireballs

These are a spicy Halloween favorite, but Atomic Fireballs can seriously harm teeth. They are basically spicy jawbreakers, which are very hard candies. Hard candy comes in nearly every flavor and size imaginable, but biting hard candy (which many do with atomic fireballs) can lead to a cracked tooth or even worse, cracked teeth. Hard candy also tends to stick around longer than other candy, which exposes the teeth to sugar for a longer time. And extended contact with sugar can lead to more cavities because sugar provides bad bacteria with the energy it needs to destroy enamel.

3 – Candy Corn

This will come as a bummer to Halloween candy fans, but Candy Corn is actually awful for teeth, and many feel awful to eat. This is largely due to one ingredient. That ingredient is confectioner’s wax, which is basically a waxy sugar. The waxy consistency of confectioners wax is very difficult for saliva to break down, and also sticks badly to teeth. As noted before, sugar that sticks to teeth gives cavities the nutrition they need to thrive and worsen.

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