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longest-tooth-extractedWe have all heard the term “long in the tooth” but it didn’t actually mean long teeth. It actually is a euphemism for getting old. But you won’t believe what a dentist in Europe found in someone’s mouth.

What was found in Germany will redefine the whole term. In late October, a German dentist was awarded a Guinness World Record when a 1.46-inch tooth he pulled from a patient’s mouth was certified as the world’s longest.

Dr. Max Lucas (not our Dr. Max Lingo) said he pulled the tooth from the mouth of a patient who came in complaining of severe dental pain in 2018. It did seem like it took long enough, but at least the tooth was removed.

Lucas said it took about a year to send Guinness the required paperwork to get the tooth recognized as the world’s longest. Well the year is up and the accolades have been earned.

The dentist received his Guinness certificate Tuesday. He said he plans to display it in his office. No word on if the man who actually had the tooth in his mouth, if he would get a certificate from Guinness as well. Probably not though. Although we think he should.

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