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Uneasy about going to the dentist? The staff at the Evansville dentist’s office of Dr. Max Lingo’s office will do their best to make you comfortable, whether you are just coming in for a regular cleaning or need more extensive work done.

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful option for people who have dental anxiety. You can drift off to a comfortable state while you are having your teeth repaired and restored by the caring dental staff.

Another option that will be available to dentists in the future is virtual reality, CNN Business reported. Virtual reality (VR) has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety because it provides a distraction from what’s going on – in this case, dental work.

Virtual reality headsets let dental patients to watch calming nature scenes and can also be used by people who don’t like having someone so close to their face.

Developers say VR has a sedation effect on people much like the nitrous oxide used in sedation dentistry.

Patients can choose what to watch from several options such as a 3-D video of animals or a juggler. The dentist controls the video and audio via a website. Videos range from a minute to 20 minutes long and help patients sit still.

VR is also used by people who are afraid to fly or who get easily bored on long flights.

CNN said some airlines are loaning first-class and business-class passengers a VR headset from a startup called  SkyLights so they can watch 2-D and 3-D movies and VR content, including 360-degree videos and children’s programming.

If you are anxious about going to the dentist, it may be too soon to take advantage of virtual reality technology, but you can be made more comfortable by sedation dentistry.

Sedation options are ideal for anyone who wants to simply enjoy a comfortable experience or ease their anxiety about dental care. Your Evansville dentist, Dr. Lingo, is a trained and licensed sedation dentist.