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Changing the appearance of your teeth can be a good thing if you have chipped, discolored or slightly crooked teeth, or even severely damaged or missing teeth, the Evansville office of Dr. Max Lingo can help restore your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

But an Alabama woman found out the hard way on Halloween that using a do-it-yourself glue to apply fake “devil teeth” to change her appearance for the spooky holiday was a bad idea.

The teeth got stuck, and she had to make an emergency visit to the dentist, USA Today reported.

Anna Tew bought the teeth for $3 to go with her zombie Halloween costume and used the glue that came with them to attach them to her upper jaw, then went to a holiday event. When she came home and tried to take out the teeth, they were stuck.

When she couldn’t get them loose, she made an emergency appointment at a dentist. She told TV station WKRG that the dentist discussed various removal tactics including drilling and taking off the fake teeth in sections with a saw.

The dentist eventually used a pick to remove them one by one. Tew had worn them for 24 hours by the time they were removed.

The American Dental Association told USA Today that before applying any chemical or appliance to your teeth as part of your Halloween costume it’s important to check with your dentist and make sure it won’t negatively impact your oral health.

The best choice is to use fake teeth that don’t require an adhesive, and to them if you have veneers, braces, sore gums, sensitive teeth or have just had your teeth cleaned.

If you want to change the look of your teeth for a less spooky reason, Dr. Lingo’s office is here to help. Your first cosmetic dentistry visit will be a consultation where the staff will discuss your smile concerns, as well as what you want your future smile to look like.