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theodentAs hard as it is to believe, it turns out that toothpaste isn’t really necessary.

Yes, it can freshen breath and help whiten teeth, but the true benefits of brushing come from the toothbrush, its bristles, and their ability to scrape and disrupt dental plaque that leads to tooth decay and gum disease. This, along with flossing once a day (arguably the most important) is crucial to preventing oral infections, according to the American Dental Association.

The one aspect of toothpaste that does make a difference is fluoride. It combats the first stage of tooth decay, called demineralization.

The global toothpaste market was valued at $26 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $36 billion by 2024, and a new crop (and type) of toothpaste products is now carving out a share.


New Toothpaste on the Horizon

Last year, musician Lenny Kravitz helped launch Twice (which we blogged about). It is a premium toothpaste with flavors, Earlybird (wintergreen and peppermint) and Twilight (peppermint with vanilla and lavender), and sells on its website at $17 for a pack of two. There is also Aesop Dentifrice Toothpaste ($17) released in 2017.  This toothpaste has sea buckthorn to relieve gum aggravation, as well as cardamom and wasabi extract to freshen breath. It does not contain fluoride.

By comparison, you can get a two-pack of Crest from any Target, Wal-Mart or CVS for less than $5.

One of the more decorated products on the market is Theodent, which first launched in 2012 in Whole Foods and is now sold via Amazon.com. Their formula incorporates cocoa beans and a fluoride alternative called “rennou”. It is packaged in brown tubes that resemble chocolate bars, with shiny, gold lettering and caps.

So what is rennou? Well, it can grow individual unit crystal in (i.e., remineralize) your enamel in much the same way as fluoride. The classic offering is crystal mint-flavored and costs $16, but the clinical-strength version with a higher concentration of rennou will set you back $100 for a tube!

“There are a lot of folks that are concerned with getting too much fluoride,” says Jim Ratcliff, CEO of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures toothpaste brand Closys ($7) in both fluoride and fluoride-free varieties. Sold in mass retailers such as Walgreens and Walmart, Closys instead uses stabilized chlorine dioxide, which is naturally activated by the amino acids in saliva, to impede plaque formation and kill harmful bacteria.

“A lot of the folks who buy our products are looking for things that are as nonirritating and don’t contain any more dangerous chemicals than is necessary,” Ratcliff continues. (It’s true that swallowing a lot of toothpaste can be bad for you, so most dentists simply say don’t: Just use a pea-sized amount; it’s not necessary to fill up the bristles.)

We here at the office of Dr. Max L Lingo, Evansville, Indiana dentist, think that one has to pick a toothpaste that works best for them. We can help take care of the rest. If you feel that you need a dental implant or any other service, contact our office now if you need bonding & filling, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dentures & partials, extractions, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, plaque removal and more.